Our Team of Child Psychologists

All staff are fully registered psychologists with postgraduate training in Educational & Developmental Psychology and substantial experience helping children, teenagers and parents with learning, emotional and social issues.

They are experts in education and familiar with the school environments found at many different private and government schools around Melbourne.

Deborah Jepsen

Deborah JepsenDeborah has a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology degree from the University of Melbourne and extensive experience as a secondary school teacher, counsellor, school psychologist and child psychologist working in private practice. Deborah helps children, adolescents and parents dealing with a diverse range of issues. She also provides professional supervision and coaching for our team as well as other psychologists. Deborah loves helping kids overcome challenges and reach their true potential.

Jessica Levetan

Jessica has a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology degree from Monash University and a broad range of experience helping children, adolescents and parents overcome many common challenges. Jessica’s areas of focus include anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, peer and family relationship issues, study skills, motivation and performance, and formulating strategies to help children with learning difficulties improve their learning skills. Jessica is experienced in the administration and interpretation of a range of psycho-educational assessments. Jessica loves helping children develop life skills and learn how to thrive.

Danielle Kaufman

Danielle KaufmanDanielle has a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology degree from the University of Melbourne and extensive experience in helping children, adolescents cope with life stresses and learn how to achieve their best at school and in life. She also enjoys coaching parents on the use of practical behaviour management and modification strategies. Danielle’s areas of focus include anxiety, depression, grief, behavioural problems, peer and family relationship issues and learning difficulties. Danielle is passionate about helping children develop life skills and reach their full potential. (Read more about Danielle in this interview)

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  • Private and confidential: We are a private service so you will receive 100% independent and confidential advice.
  • Child and adolescent experts: We only work with school age children, teenagers and parents.
  • Education and school experts: We will help you navigate the school system to get the best possible results for your child.
  • Qualified and experienced: We only employ psychologists with a master degree or higher and experience working in schools.
  • Fast appointments: We don't keep a waiting list and see most new clients within 7 days.
  • Convenient location: We are in Port Melbourne with easy access from many parts of Melbourne and unrestricted street parking.
  • Trusted methods: We use approaches that are strongly supported by research evidence or clinical experience.
  • Lovely beachside office: You will love our quiet, modern and attractive office, with its beach and ocean-themed rooms.