Fees and Rebates

Note: The following fees apply from 1st July 2016 through to 30th June 2017.

About Our Fees

Our fees are set at a level that reflects:

  • The specialised nature of our services (we only work with children, teenagers and parents and we are experts in educational and developmental psychology).
  • The qualifications and experience of our permanently employed child psychologists (all of our psychologists have a master degree or higher and we do not employ independent contractors).
  • The ongoing and dedicated nature of our care (we go above and beyond the ‘norm’ to support our clients).

Current Standard Rates

Initial 30 minute consultation – $133*

50 minute consultation – $241* (standard counselling session)

76-90 minute consultation – $349* (short assessment session)

91-120 minute consultation – $453* (standard assessment session)

(*These are the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended rates.)

BUT your out-of-pocket cost may be significantly lower than these fees because:

  • You can instantly claim your Medicare OR private health fund rebates via our HICAPS electronic claims system.
  • If you are claiming a private health fund rebate you only have to pay the ‘gap’ between the rebate and the full fee.
  • If you are claiming a Medicare rebate, you must pay the full fee first but you can then immediately claim your rebate and have it credited directly into your bank account.

The summary table which shows your out-of-pocket cost for a standard 50 minute consultation:

Medicare Rebate Type
Original Safety Net
Extended Safety Net
Rebate Amount

Gap Amount

Medicare Rebates

If you have a valid referral from your doctor you can claim a Medicare rebate (see table above) for each 50 minute counselling session. Up to 10 rebates can be claimed per calendar year.

HOWEVER, your out-of-pocket cost will be further reduced when you reach the threshold for the Medicare Safety Net scheme. There are two safety net schemes which operate side-by-side.

The ‘Original’ Medicare Safety Net
The “Original Medicare Safety Net” applies when your family has spent $447.40 on out-of-pocket fees for out-of-hospital services in 2016.

The ‘Extended’ Medicare Safety Net
The “Extended Medicare Safety Net” applies when your family has spent $2,030.00 on out-of-pocket fees for out-of-hospital services in 2016.

Private Health Fund Rebates

If you are NOT claiming Medicare rebates, you can instantly claim your private health fund rebate at each session via our HICAPS electronic claims system.

This means you only need to pay the gap between the rebate and the full fee for each session (rebates will vary depending on your health fund and your level of cover).

Rebates will vary widely depending on your health fund and your level of cover. If in doubt, please check with your health fund or ask your psychologist for a health fund quote when you visit our office.

Assessment Fees

We tailor our assessment services to your child’s specific needs and the exact cost will be quoted at your initial consultation. But as a rough guide, the total assessment cost will be approximately $2,000 – $2,200 for a full psycho-educational assessment (depending on the tests administered). Your out-of-pocket fee will depend on any private health fund rebates you are entitled to.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes there are good reasons for cancellations. However, unlike brief medical appointments, it is nearly impossible to fill a 30+ minute session with short notice.

For this reason, you must agree to the following notice periods and cancellation fees in order to book any sessions with us:

  • If you provide less than 14 days’ notice of cancellation of an assessment session you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the deposit amount (except in the case of a genuine emergency or illness, in which case the session may be rescheduled).
  • For all other sessions you must provide at least THREE FULL BUSINESS DAYS (week days) notice of cancellation (except in the case of a genuine emergency or illness).
  • If you do not give sufficient notice of cancellation we may at our discretion limit the session times available to you or stop providing services to you.

We trust you will agree that this is a fair and reasonable policy and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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