Working Together – The Importance of Consistency in Parenting

So you’ve had a good hard think about how to parent your child…

You’ve figured out when to draw the line with discipline … and when it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned cuddle.

BUT … what if your partner disagrees? What if your opposite number has a very different way of going about things? Does it matter?

Should you just continue on your merry way, doing things the way you see fit? Or should you go through the (sometimes difficult) process of trying to get both parties on the same page?

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Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

There has been a lot of buzz about Silver Linings Playbook. It has won a plethora of awards and has been nominated for eight Oscars. It has ignited debates about how mental health should be presented on the silver screen. The movie has also had far reaching impacts, as the director, David Russell, along with the lead, Bradley Cooper, have visited the US Vice President, Joe Biden, to help introduce a new mental health act in America.

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What I Learned About Child Care and Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Kids are hard work!

They bring us, as parents, so much joy and laughter and so many smiles … but also an overwhelming sense of responsibility for their welfare.

Then there comes that time in their early years when your child starts child care. And so along with the joy of caring for a young toddler, there comes the joy of letting them go (at least for the day)!

My son is now in child care for two days per week at the moment and I HATE drop offs! The first day was the worst. He was so upset…but I put on my brave face and did a quick good bye. I cried myself on the way home.

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Four Parenting Styles: Which One is Right for Your Child?

Strict or relaxed? Rules or play? Smacking or “time-out”? Listening or telling?

There are so many different opinions on how to parent, it’s enough to send you into a tailspin!

Many new parents start out with firm ideas about how they will balance a loving approach with a nice dose of discipline in their household… But often this all goes out the window when you first find yourself in the supermarket with a toddler throwing a tantrum!

And what if your child has been diagnosed with a learning difficulty or a developmental delay? Should you adjust your parenting style to deal with a child who has different needs?

In this article I summarise some of the most important research findings on common parenting styles and their effectiveness (which, to a certain extent, depends on how you define “effective”!). I also offer a brief summary of research on parenting children with different needs. (Hint: they may benefit from a different approach).

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Receiving a Diagnosis For Your Child: The Emotional Impact on Parents

Take a look at this really interesting article in the Guardian newspaper written by Michael Schofield, a father whose daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia. His heart felt-story takes you on the emotional journey he and his family took to get to a diagnosis.

Although childhood schizophrenia is very rare, Michael Schofield’s experiences will be familiar to any parents who have received a serious diagnosis for their child, such as autism, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) or even a learning disorder.

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Adapting Your Parenting Style For Your Child’s Developmental Stage

Have you ever heard (or said) something like, “Grrrrr, my parents treat me like I’m still 5 years old!”?

As you might imagine (or know from personal experience), it can be very frustrating for anyone to be treated as though they are younger than they actually are.

And, on the flip-side, it can be confusing and alienating to be treated as if you are older than you actually are. (Think: “I can’t believe they expect me to do this? I have no idea how to do this! They’ve left me alone and I’ve got no one to help me…”)

It may seem obvious, but as children and teenagers progress through the different stages of their lives, so must parents and the adults around them adjust their language, their expectations and their disciplinary style.

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Education: How Can we Move Forward?

Take a look at this thought provoking talk by educationalist Sir Ken Robinson for the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

He suggests that our education system is based upon the factory production line from the industrial revolution. He argues that this is outdated for the modern child and does not necessarily prepare them for the ever-changing economic climate. Robinson puts forward the idea of waking kids up in the classroom!

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How to Encourage Your Child to Play Independently (Whilst Avoiding Parental Guilt!)

Do you struggle to find a balance between spending time with your children versus focusing on your own activities?

Serious parental guilt can ensue if you feel you can’t spend as much one-to-one time with your children as you would like — playing with them, helping them with homework, encouraging them, listening to their worries and helping them reflect on how life is going.

BUT… did you know that it’s also important to teach your children how to play independently?

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4 Healthy Habits for Kids to Take Back to School in 2013

Healthy habits for back to school time

It’s that time of year that brings anticipation, hope, and dread … it’s back to school time!

For some children going back to school is a happy time. They look forward to meeting up with friends, they are bored watching daytime television and look forward to the challenges a new academic year will bring. Other children find the experience anxiety provoking and take longer to settle into the new routine of school life.

Similar to New Year’s Eve, starting a new academic year can be a good opportunity to make some new resolutions. Starting with some new habits can help your child hit the ground running when they start school.

Here are four fantastic habits that will help kick off the year on the right foot:

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