The Side-Effects of Teenage Sleepiness

We all know what a bad night sleep can do to our mood and ability to function throughout the day. But for working adults, we’re generally forced to self-motivate and get on with things, often with the help of caffeine. For teenagers, on the other hand, sleepiness can have more ongoingly detrimental consequences at school.

Teenage Sleep Problems and How to Help Them Get Back on Track

When we see adolescents for counselling, friendship or family issues, study skills or a range of other problems, it is unsurprising that many of them also report some kind of sleep difficulty. Sleep problems often affect kids’ ability to concentrate in the classroom, to get up and get moving in the morning and to regulate … Read more…

Sleep Difficulties in School-Aged Children

Did you know that an estimated 20-30% of school-age children experience a significant sleep disturbance at some point? (The incidence is even higher for children with certain disorders, including AD/HD, Tourette’s Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.) Why is Sleep so Important for Children? Put simply, sleep is required to function properly! Poor sleep directly … Read more…

Practical Skills to Build Resilience in Children and Teenagers

Excessive stress and anxiety causes a lot of pain for kids and parents alike and can lead to a wide range of issues… From worrying thoughts to sleep problems… Avoiding school, sports or other activities… Difficulty concentrating and learning… ..and sometimes even physical symptoms like fatigue, lightheadedness, upset stomachs or vomiting… And what’s more, if … Read more…

New Year Resolutions for Parents — Part 2: Supporting Educational Needs and Fostering Success

In Part 1 of this post, we offered parents 8 simple, practical and effective tips for supporting your child’s mental health this year (and into the future). In Part 2, we’ll be sharing 8 equally simple tactics to help your child not only survive this school year… But also to thrive in the educational setting, … Read more…

New Year Resolutions for Parents — Part 1: Supporting Childhood Mental Wellness

New Year’s Resolutions tend not to last very long… But maybe that’s because you’re not doing them right. This year, why not resolve to put practical, productive and achievable plans into action… To promote mental wellbeing for your children (and yourself). The combination of each of these small acts will help you to help your … Read more…

5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays

The holidays are a time for rest, relaxation, family time and celebrations. But learning doesn’t have to stop when the school gates close… You can help foster a love of learning in your children over the holidays. And they won’t even know it! Below are some great school holiday activities that get kids engaged, curious … Read more…

Last-minute Study Dos and Don’ts

VCE exams are in full swing! And while most of the hard work has been done… It’s not too late for students to work on improving their performance on the big days. Encourage your kids to adopt some healthy and productive approaches to study in these last few weeks… And avoid those things that may … Read more…

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